• Healed new tattoos on Amelia and I! I drew them and @j_t_tattoo did them for us!

  • Hey guys, thanks for buying things from my etsy shop during the sale i had! What a success! 

    Above is a piece of a drawing I made for Team Sue Loves You! Stay tuned for more info coming soon!!!

  • In two weeks I’m turning 30! So to celebrate, I’m having a big 50% off sale in the icecreamthighs etsy shop! Starts this Wednesday (8/27) and ends 9/10 (my bday!). Stay tuned for the discount code…

  • Nothin’ says YUM like some Hot Sauce!
    Donated to an event for the Jose Garces Foundation!

    Watercolor / 2014

  • I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of portraits these days!!! So much funnnnnn! Here we have Benji who turned 1 this year, and Alan and Nell who are moving from Philly to Uruguay!
    If you have any portrait needs, please email me!

  • Here’s a great photo from the FREE DANCE class at Fleisher’s ARTspiration day!!! I am accompanied by some awesome dancers! Kate, Brian, Adrianne, and Emily!!!

  • I did some drawings for Amelia’s new tattoos! Looks so gooooood

  • Very exciting, I joined the site Society6!!!  I have bought iPhone cases from them, and LOVE them!  So I decided to get my own work up there!  Check it out! 

    Free shipping today!!!

  • I have had the pleasure to do a couple illustrations for my friend Lacy Davis’ blog SUPER STREGNTH HEALTH!!!!!  Lot’s of delicious vegan recipes, and super inspiring articles about body positivity and being STRONG.  Go on over to her site and check it out!